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teatimonial 4D prediction mr chuch

Mr. Chuch from KL: Everything is possible. Therefore I believe 4D prediction. We will achieve our dreams if we are able to manage the skills of 4D prediction. MR GOH had shared with me the knowledge and experience regarding 4D prediction. I now have more confidence and interest regarding 4D prediction after joining

Before this, I am just a normal 4D buyer, but after discussions with Mr Goh, i will not act like before. Finally, I had won MBOX after round of 4D investment.

Thank you MR GOH.

KL的Mr. Chuch: 万事都有可能发生,所以也我相信测字能提高中奖的机会。如果能掌握测字的技巧,我们的梦想就能实现!
加入, Mr GOH 教导和与我分享测字的知识和经历,让我再一次提高测字的兴趣。

还没有认识Mr GOH之前,我是一般的投注者,不过在Mr GOH的教导下,我不会盲目的投注。皇天不负有心人,我终于中了MBOX。

谢谢Mr GOH!

testimonil 4D prediction kapeng

JB的加平:感谢numbers-i.com建立这个平台让我能学到如何测字。在这之前我认为测字是不可能的事,但在我跟numbers-i.com学习如何测字后,真的提高了中奖的机率。在我跟创办人MR GOH学习后,我在下一期的万能就中了i-bet的特别奖。 最后我要感谢MR GOH 让我成为一名精明的玩家,和相信未来numbers-i.com能帮我实现我的梦想。

Ka Peng from JB: I am really glad that has created this platform to teach people on 4D and TOTO prediction. Before this, I never believed in 4D prediction. However, after learning the 4D prediction from, my chances of striking number has increased tremendously. Immediately after leaving from the founder Mr. Goh, I strike 4D in the very next bet. Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Goh for teaching me to bet smart, and I believe can help me achieve my dreams.

testimonial 4D prediction jonh choo

Testimonial by John Choo

I am John Choo from Ipoh. I am really glad that Malaysia has a website that provides 3D and 4D analysis and statistics. Before, I only know about [name removed].com from Singapore. Although they provide some similar services, they are very expensive. has helped me increased my striking power and provided me accurate prediction with the help of prediction software, especially the 3D prediction software.

Thank you Mr Goh, founder of! Cheers!

testimonial sg toto prediction

Testimonial by Alexandra Tan

Hi, I'm Alexandra from JB, who was being student of Mr. Goh for Singapore Pools Toto prediction.

After learning from him, I realize that the lottery numbers are sure can be predicted by using proper methods. Under his guidance, I am now knowing how to lock on numbers as well as pairing them together. Although I can only able to predict 3~4 numbers now (already far better than my own calculation in pasts), I am faith & strongly believe in I'll strike a BIG one soon by using Mr. Goh's effective ways. And also with the supports of database & software develop by Mr. Goh; I just feel that next numbers prediction is easier than ever! I really thanks for his teaching & guidance!!

P/S: Not only Toto, but also his great 4D forecast is tested and well proven.

Lastly, may the WIN force be with you!

What is 4d

Investment Guide - 4D [万字投资指南]

4D has a total or 10,000 numbers. Out of the 10,000 numbers, there are:

1. 210 groups of numbers with 24 permutation (e.g. 1234). Total 5040
2. 360 groups of numbers with 12 permutation (e.g. 1233). Total 4320
3. 45 groups of numbers with 6 permutation (e.g. 1122). Total 270
4. 90 groups of numbers with 4 permutation (e.g. 1222). Total 360
5. 10 groups of numbers with 1 permutation (e.g. 1111). Total 10

4D and TOTO Prediction - Investment [万字/六合彩测字-投资]

4D and TOTO Prediction - Investment [万字/六合彩测字-投资]

Malaysia’s 4D history goes back more than 35 years (Sports TOTO was incorporated in 1969). When the economy is good, people will bet, and when economy is not as good, people will bet even more. This is because betting in 4D is the easy way to make money, become rich and change their life.

I started betting in 4D many years ago. In the start, I strike number and win money because I am lucky. I think there are many people who have the same experience as me. However, when I continue to bet, I lose even more money than what I won earlier. But yet I still want to bet because this is the easy way to make money.

When I was betting in 4D, I have also come across 4D prediction from newspaper and magazines. At first, I do not believe that 4D can be predicted, but after spending much time to study and improve the prediction method, with the help of computer programming and database, I realised that 4D can indeed be accurately predicted.

The purpose of me starting this website is to relate an important message to everyone: when you bet in 4D, you must do it smartly. I treat it like an investment: Invest in the right number and let your dreams come true. Do not simply invest!

This is a platform to do 4D and TOTO prediction. I will analyse the high percentage numbers for 4D and TOTO (lottery). Why is it called numbers-i? Because we believe you must have the correct number to make you rich and change your life.

Of course, when you make money from 4D and TOTO, please do not forget to do charity and make some generous donations!

Gook luck!

马来西亚的万字已经有超过35年的历史了(Sports TOTO在1969年成立)。当经济好的时候,人们都有闲钱来买万字。当经济萧条的时候,人们更加会买万字,因为这是一个比较容易赚钱的方法。




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