Saturday, July 26, 2008

testimonil 4D prediction kapeng

JB的加平:感谢numbers-i.com建立这个平台让我能学到如何测字。在这之前我认为测字是不可能的事,但在我跟numbers-i.com学习如何测字后,真的提高了中奖的机率。在我跟创办人MR GOH学习后,我在下一期的万能就中了i-bet的特别奖。 最后我要感谢MR GOH 让我成为一名精明的玩家,和相信未来numbers-i.com能帮我实现我的梦想。

Ka Peng from JB: I am really glad that has created this platform to teach people on 4D and TOTO prediction. Before this, I never believed in 4D prediction. However, after learning the 4D prediction from, my chances of striking number has increased tremendously. Immediately after leaving from the founder Mr. Goh, I strike 4D in the very next bet. Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Goh for teaching me to bet smart, and I believe can help me achieve my dreams.